News — 13 July 2022

Paper on lessons learned



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News — 22 September 2021

Joint report on Financing Sustainable Marine and Freshwater Infrastructure

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News — 24 September 2020

Article in GreenPort magazine on the Vital Ports initiative

Last week the new edition of Green Port magazine came out covering an article on the Vital Ports initiative. History and current work is being discussed along with the Quick scan trails being run in three Greek ports. Read more at here.


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News — 10 April 2020

Quick-Scan Green Value for Ports now freely available

Early March, before countries fell into lock-down-mode, I visited Piraeus in Greece in order to set up a series of sustainable port test projects together with Partner research organisation Hellas Institute of Transport (CERTH/HIT). The plan was to kick-off a series of test projects for sustainable port projects and gather feed-back on a ‘Quick-Scan’ for sustainable port development. Things went differently.

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News — 8 April 2020

Joining the Think20 task force, a policy think tank for the G20

Dr. Arjan Hijdra, director of the Vital Ports initiative, will join the T20 policy taskforce on Infrastructure investment and Financing. Dr. Hijdra was requested to join this group to provide input for sustainable Marine infrastructure policy proposals. These proposals will be made in preparation of the G20 Summit in Saudi Arabia in November 2020.

To create an inclusive and participatory G20 process, the G20 leaders commit to receiving the recommendations of the global civil society organizations, which are organized into engagement groups. Among these engagement groups is the Think20 (T20), which is responsible for connecting and collaborating with regional and international think tanks.

The T20 is an engagement group that contributes to the G20 by:

  • Serving as the ‘ideas bank’ of the G20
  • Providing research-based policy recommendations to the G20
  • Facilitating interactions between the G20 and the think-tank and research community
  • Communicating with the broader public about issues of global importance

The T20 produces a communique that incorporates​ the recommendations of the T20 task forces. The T20 Saudi Arabia communique will be shared with G20 leaders for their consideration in the G20 communique during the G20 Summit.

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News — 8 March 2020

Vital Ports involved in sustainable marine infrastructure dialogue with Swiss Re and B-Capital Partners

The global infrastructure institute, one of the supporting companies of the Vital Ports initiative, joined the dialogue on Sustainable Maritime Infrastructure at the Swiss Re Institute. An elaborate report on this event was written by Daniel Eckhart from Swiss Re. Read more.


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News — 23 January 2020

Sustainable Port Planning: three drivers for change

Almost two years ago I received a question from an advocate for sustainable change in the infrastructure sector. More specifically; the question targeted port planning. This question kept lingering around in the back of my mind, bothering me ever since. At first glance it seems to be a simple question. But there’s a lot more to it once you dive deeper.

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News — 4 November 2019

Vital Ports hosts leadership roundtable at Amsterdam International Water Week

Vital Ports organises a roundtable discussion on Sustainable Port Development at the Amsterdam International Water Week. Pioneers in the international water sector will discuss leading principles for sustainable port development in a changing world.

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