Quick-Scan Green Value for Ports now freely available

Early March, before many countries fell into lock-down-mode, I visited Piraeus in Greece. This visit was scheduled to set up a series of sustainable port test projects together with Partner research organisation Hellas Institute of Transport (CERTH/HIT). The plan was to kick-off a series of test projects for sustainable port projects and gather feed-back on a ‘Quick-Scan Green Value for sustainable port development. Things went differently.

Plans had to change due to Pandemic

The minute I landed in Athens, plans started changing. The planned meeting in Piraeus with our Greek partner research institute CERTH/HIT had to be done through videoconferencing. It was very constructive nevertheless. Four test projects were identified and preparations were planned. Still, the expectation was these could be taken up soon. Unfortunately the world turned quickly into a different place and back home plans had to be postponed for a while.

A different strategy had to be adopted. The plan changed. Our development team (thank you Jeroen Braspenning & Yorit Kluitman) went full speed ahead to deliver a first Beta version of the tool which was made available through a web-based application. Now feedback for further improvement can be gathered from a wide audience including port authority officers, port consultants, infrastructure investors and suppliers of sustainable solutions.

Purpose of the funding tool

The Funding Solutions tool aims to provide port authorities and investors an overview of the most promising sustainable investments for their situation. Most promising solutions are those that both serve their sustainable goals and have the best potential to generate a healthy return on investment. It helps in choosing ‘green’ solutions over ‘grey’ solutions. This is important for several reasons;

  • Green Investment Funds have a strong appetite for green infrastructure projects
  • Investments are only viable when a healthy return on investments is foreseen
  • Classic port revenues through port dues and lease tariffs are often not suitable

The tool aims to provide input for a tailor-made, coherent, sustainable port program which brings its own healthy return on investment. With this input pieces of the puzzel become available and can be worked out fitting the local circumstances, needs and ambitions.

Feedback welcome

As we are working to improve this beta version of the Quick-Scan Green Value. We would very much welcome feedback on the following issues;

  1. How is the user experience?
  2. What other solutions would you like to see incorporated?
  3. What further improvements could help port authorities in building their own dedicated sustainable programs and finance plans?

Your feedback and ideas can be send to info@vitalports.org

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