Ports as agents of change

Ports influence transport systems, urban systems, energy systems and coastal systems. This position offers great potential to lead the transition to a green economy. This potential can only be realised on the basis of healthy business. The secret to this is application of state-of-the-art synergetic arrangements that utilise sustainable value to build solid revenue streams.

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Ports are part of a wide variety of systems. Examples are transport systems, social systems, ecological systems, economic systems and energy systems. Ports provide the levers to influence these systems. In practice these systems correlate to four themes: ports and their waters, ports and their city, ports and their hinterland, ports and energy.


Port and their waters


Port and their city


Ports and their Hinterland


Ports and energy

Sustainable port solutions

A broad portfolio of sustainable port solutions will follow soon. All are proven solutions covering the themes of port-waters, port-cities, port-hinterland and port-energy. The portfolio will continuously be updated and expanded on the basis of state-of-the-art insights.

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Discover the full range of funding possibilities for your preferred sustainable solutions.

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Vital Ports Map

This map shows all 335 cargo ports in the Mediterranean. It is a beta-version of a map linking port characteristics to available sustainable solutions. Such a map will show which solutions can make a wide-scale difference for the Mediterranean. This insight will help governments, industry and investors to craft impactful green investment programs.

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